here comes the col

Been trying to stop using material things as a salve for my anxiety. Why do I buy more tshirts, tank tops, lotions, random shit just because it’s there? It’s ridiculous and I see myself doing it and I still do it. Along the lines of materialism … one thing that makes me crazy is the concept of a traditional wedding. Marriage … well, the jury’s out on that one as to whether it’s a good idea for a person like me. But a big traditional wedding − that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars and requires friends and family to spend mad cash? NO WAY. I’m less than a month away from turning 33 and I can tell you the amount of dough I’ve spent over the years on other people’s nuptials, homes and children is fairly significant. Meanwhile I live in a rented studio apartment and have like 4 plates bought from Target. No one’s bestowed me with lump sums of money or objects to create a home. It sort of bothers me, but when I step back and look at it, I am happy with my life and choices. And though it’s totes hypocritical after what I just said about material things, I’ve taken a page out of Carrie Bradshaw’s playbook and set up a Wedding registry for myself. Because a chick’s gotta live …



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8 responses to “here comes the col

  1. Good for you! I’ve felt that way for a long time. Knowing I won’t be getting married anytime soon, I get a little bitter buying gifts for these bitches (as I take side bets on when they’ll get divorced; bitterness does that to you).

    And what the hell is a “Pastry Scraper”? That sounds like all kinds of nasty.

  2. and you’re invited to the wedding when I marry superdave’s neighbor.

  3. superdave524

    You’re a funny guy, John.

  4. pastry scraper — does sound sick doesn’t it. i think i thought that was a vegetable chopper. it’s amazing to me the stuff people register for. i mean, do you really need kate spade christmas flatware? i would love to attend your nuptials to superdave’s neighbor. it would be quite the party — that’s for sure.

  5. superdave524

    Can we have the party and skip the wedding?

  6. kristina

    I have a pastry scraper – it is quite handy for making pie crust AND you can use it to transport chopped things to bowls and pans!

    I loved that SATC episode. And that you are showing similar moxie – no surprise there. I was thinking today (after actually meeting a cute guy this weekend for the first time in forever) that I actually DO like being single. I kinda thought so but it’s nice when you realize what you’ve got with your life is actually pretty good.


  7. superdave — i am all in favor of skipping the formalities but let’s not deny john his trophy bride.

    kris — great news about the dude. but even better news that you’re loving where you’re at — both a fortunate condition, and a tough/intelligent choice!

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