what do i know

i saw batman dark night yesterday. i thought it was 35 minutes too long and wasn’t all that into it. heath was the very best part — heath was incredible. i was nonplussed with christian bale, whom i am generally a big fan of. they’ve done a brilliant job marketing — managing to get the butts of me and my pal, women age 33 and 59, into those seats. and yeah it was fun and exciting and all that but at two and a half hours? unjustified. yet, it’s kicking serious ass at the box office … “There are even whispers starting whether Dark Knight can beat the incredible worldwide numbers posted by the all-time $1.8 billion benchmark of Titanic.” titanic was over three hours long, mind you, so it seems the go big or stay home approach pays off.


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  1. superdave524

    I took the Lads to Dark Knight on Saturday. Odd scene upon leaving: everyone walking out, noone saying much. Everyone apparently thinking, “I think I liked it. I think.”

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