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labor day weekend in nyc



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col’s blog search terms: 8/30/08


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kate moss’s DB’s

a pal had talked about getting a double birds tattoo a couple of years ago. she never did it. but kate moss did, as i learned in the sept. 2008 issue of interview. it’s a great issue, btw, even if you’re not a fashionista or fan of nudie kate moss. interviews with spike lee, woody allen, lord whimsy (who talks at length about fops and dandies), some rich italian dude named lapo elkann. there’s lofty verbiage from the mag’s new management about the role of magazines in the internet age which i am sort of making fun of yet also agree with. seemed like the writing wasn’t as good in several of the pieces i read … long-winded conventional journalism 101-intros before the interviews begin. who needs that? hate the artifice — if it’s not fresh and clever, then just don’t. also didn’t love the new typefaces, but maybe i’m just not used to it yet. overall, tho, it’s still a terrific mag … a good show for the new editors, i thought.

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might as well face it …

laurs sent me the huffpo story about david duchovny’s trip to rehab for sex addiction. of course we all wonder if it’s just a well-timed publicity stunt leading up to the new season of californication. and of course we cringe at the predictability of DD getting involved in a sex scandal — he’s always playing some sort of horndog letch. and then of course any person with a brain wonders: does sex addiction even exist? should behavioral issues be treated on the same plane as biochemical addictions to drugs and alcohol? if one considers gambling an addiction, should sex be treated the same way? hmm.

one comment on the huffpo board did catch my attention as to whether the story is even real:

“This is a put-on. Remember that during the Larry Sanders Show, Duchovny played himself having a homosexual crush on Gary Shandling. This is someone very comfortable in his own skin and his own sexuality. And both David and his wife are excellent comedians…they’re just having fun with us. Imagine if he did, indeed, have a sexual addiction…do you think he’d share that with us? I’m sure that he would prefer to go to rehab and claim it was for substance abuse instead. No one goes into rehab for sexual addiction and issues a press release announcing it to the world. Tain’t done. Michael Douglas once went into rehab for substance abuse and complained because some tabloids were declaring it was for sexual addiction. His father said: what are complaining for? You should be proud they’re writing that! Sorry, this whole thing smells. It’s a put-on.”

Regardless I have to laugh at how the network characterized the situation in a press statement: “All of us at Showtime wish David and his family the best during this very private time.”

Ain’t nothin’ private about this, brah! (As I mull some sort of joke involving “privates” …)

The big question we’re left with is which video applies: This or this?


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70’s revisited, man

i am certainly not the first to observe that the 70’s are back, but i can’t help but notice it on a daily basis. here’s a shortlist … what else?

Cheech & Chong


Crap economy/high oil prices


Green movement

Peace movement

Black Power


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nothing about this movie appeals to me. meg ryan’s face is crazy fucked up. debra messing is disturbingly thin. jada smith seems like a total bitch and i can’t stand her husband. annette’s talented but i’ve seen this movie enough times — first wives club, etc. bleh.


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