Life is a Bastard: Ode To Teen Angst

When I was home last weekend I discovered a treasure trove of old journals. The first entry on my first diary was dated May 7, 1983. (I was eight). They are very cute and I feel a lot of love and compassion for that little kid. Note the entry below … the pencil part was written November 21, 1984 and I believe the black pen revision was made in March of 1986:

The high school journals were the real doozies. Stereotypical Mean Girls shit. I was so insecure. So OTT boy crazy (not a lot has changed there) crushing obsessively on one guy after another, while trashing my girlfriends off and on. An excerpt:

Sweet graph, huh? There’s this live event called Cringe that I hope to be a part of next month. Been meaning to do this for years. People convene at a bar in Brooklyn and read out loud from their old journals. It’s been going on for  most of the decade and the creator is even publishing a book of the most cringeworthy entries. To my NYC friends/stalkers: save the date Sept. 10 (assuming I’ll make it in). And for those of you all around the USA and world, if I can muster the courage I’ll make a few YouTube videos of myself reading excerpts and share them here.



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10 responses to “Life is a Bastard: Ode To Teen Angst

  1. kristina

    Oh my GOD!! Life is a bastard, indeed. I love that you said you loved Twisted Sister and Van Halen but REALLY loved Duran Duran the most.

    I have these kinds of diaries, too (don’t all we girls?), a dog (cat?) eared Hello Kitty one and a yellow fake leather Ziggy one with a lock 🙂

    Compassion, yeah. We were discovering the depths we could feel and how, sometimes, the world seemed like a cruel truth teller in reply.

    These are fabulous, Col. Can’t wait to see the You Tube videos of your Cringe reading.

  2. superdave524

    Van Halen was cool. The guys were mostly scared of the girls, especially the ones we liked. And clueless. It’s really an amazing thing that there is ever a next generation.

  3. The second entry looks like the 2Q earnings chart. You were a prescient child.

  4. Duran Duran totally kicks Van Halen’s ass (and Amy is still a total bitch)

  5. And I’m totally waiting for your youtube debut.

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  7. Brady

    What bar in Brooklyn? I’ll definitely attend. I think I’m in town. I could see you cringing just a little as you read — takes balls to do that.

  8. it’s at Freddy’s Bar & Backroom but i just found out Sept 10 is out — they are going to have a book party that night so I won’t be reading til Oct.

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