monday morning dance party!

this goes out to my jersey bitches: “still not a playa” by big pun (RIP).

by the way, i will be wearing a feather boa and touting a chihuahua next time we hit the town.

and apparently that refrain is “boricua morena” which teh internets tell me has something to do with being puerto rican. (until just now i thought Pun was saying something about a bodega).



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2 responses to “monday morning dance party!

  1. superdave524

    So, Fat Joe a/k/a Joe is a freak? So, if I can sing (or rap), I don’t have to diet? Life is so not fair.

  2. Lost

    LMAO! I actually almost made a comment about that line in the song “Boricua morena” yesterday b/c I remember when I figured out what he was saying.

    Love that song.

    Jerz bitches accept your next going out outfit, yo. That’s hot.

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