col cringe vol. 1: they’re all the same

finding entries to read and actually reading them in front of my web cam was much harder than i thought it would be. this one actually kinda sucks but alas, it’s a start (until i lose my nerve and delete the whole thing). gotta build up some practice before i take the stage at cringe (that is, if they’ll have me). and you also get to see aretha at play.



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14 responses to “col cringe vol. 1: they’re all the same

  1. OMG, we are bringin’ it to Cringe. Post more.

  2. superdave524

    Richard Nixon kept his tapes, too (but at least it was before Milli Vanilli).

  3. NWO

    This is GREAT STUFF! More! More!

  4. lovin’ it col. you got balls. (and love the Aretha cameo)

  5. superdave524

    …and I’ll play you in b-ball (and to Hell with Chris Bellin anyway).

  6. omg, i feel like the biggest dork having this up there but you guys are totes making me okay with it so yes there will be another at some point.

    john in IL and all my gay pals — sorry I used the term “gay” as a pejorative. almost 20 years later, it’s abundantly clear that teh gays are more my people, my tribe, than i could have imagined at 14.

    superdave — the name of the camp was “hoops for girls” but i don’t play like a girl so watch out.

    Bellin was a good dude, and got lots of pentime in the ‘ol journals I am finding. One time, though, he called me “a short haired bitch” … I think sophomore year when I was rocking an emo phillips bob and advised his girlfriend not to sleep with him.

    But how about the word “scummy”?

  7. Jake

    This is surreal. First off, I never saw Lew and Sherri-Lee as a couple, you just blew my mind. Secondly now that you’ve posted this video, you’ve effectively destroyed any of my remaining memories of you as a 14 year old. I’m gonna have to go home and watch my Bar Mitzvah video in order to reset my image of you.

  8. Bro Bri

    To paraphrase Milli Vanilli:

    Girl you know it’s true! Ew, ew, ew – ya You Tubed!

  9. My brain just exploded watching this.

  10. um, oh. my. god. this is the most fantastic thing i have ever seen on the internet. ever. please make it a series. xom

  11. thanks for the love everybody. i will make it a series, promise. and for anyone planning to attend — i won’t be reading until oct. sept 10 will be dedicated to the book party.

    gotta go!

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  13. Sara

    This was awesome (and not only for reviving my own memories of the same said high school). Note, Chris Bellin was ALWAYS trying to touch my boobs in jr high. I had the opposite problem…mine were always so big they rested on the desk (as he was sure to point out once, forever making me insecure).

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