save the drama …

Sorry for the sparse posts, ya’ll. my family is in crisis mode and it taps sooooo much of my energy and creativity. have gotten better at detaching and overcoming anxiety but as we all know it’s a process. i feel weird about posting stuff about it here … i don’t want to displace my worry and fear … pass it off like a hot potato. our world doesn’t need more of that! also it’s not all bad all the time. in fact there are so many great times. the hardest part is the crazy swings — one minute all is good, the next it’s a mess. the lesson here is to truly, truly let go of any attempt at control and understand that que sera, sera.

Life is a series of letting go’s – an “infinite” series of letting go’s. All things in life are given us on loan. . . . Once we have learned to let go, we are prepared for whatever life gives us. And death itself is nothing to be feared. –Matthew Fox

alas, today is a good day. bro kev is in from san fran again and stayed with me last night. we both got 12 hours of sleep. last night we kicked off my birthday celebrations at bro bri’s house. Cake, QT with by brah’s, Ma and Ali and the Nudger man — doesn’t get much better than that.



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3 responses to “save the drama …

  1. i’m here if you need me. xo

  2. col

    thanks babe. i know that and love that.

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