col cringe vol. 2: anyways …

my first cringe reading got quite the response so i whipped up another. as noted, it’s very hard to find entries to go public with. they are all either too sad or too mean. here’s one that’s milquetoast enough for me to post without worrying. hope it doesn’t put you to sleep, though …



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5 responses to “col cringe vol. 2: anyways …

  1. nwo

    I LOVE this! (Did I say that before?)

  2. superdave524

    Your hair was messed up at the party? I think we found the culprit.

  3. I hope he’s at Dina’s, too!

  4. nwo — yay! happy to entertain. SD — you are totes right! Ba ba ba baby. laurs, i’m not sure if he was at dina’s, but there’s a 90% chance i hat another giant zit.

  5. “mother fuckingly hot”….damn, I have to use that!


    I want more!

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