rock star bar

last night i was meeting pals for a nightcap in the nabe a little after midnight. got there early and sat alone at the bar, which i don’t mind at all when the place is quiet and the vibe is chill, as it was.

a rock starrish looking gent, also alone, regaled with a pete doherty haircut and fedora, smokes and very intense visage started chatting me up.

the music was loud, though, and he was 2 seats away and had a british accent so i couldn’t really understand him. i got the impression he was the owner or some other kind of VIP. hell he might have been a real rock star for all i know.

i was confused as to whether he was just talking to me because he was bored … or if he was interested in me as a person, or a chick. he had that ethereal artist quality of ambiguous sexuality. i am a magnet for those types … sometimes i wonder if maybe i’m one too (birds of a feather?). anyways he said i looked sad and asked me what was wrong.

nothing, i said.

“fuck you, what is it?” he persisted. i divulged a bit, and in rock star form he ended up giving me a hug and inviting me to go to do some coke. i said thank you but i couldn’t leave — i was meeting friends.

he told the bartender to take really good care of me for the rest of the night, gave me another very serious hug and said, “shit – you made me cry.” then he left.

for the rest of the night i sipped a free bottomless glass of rose champagne that usually goes for $19 a pop.



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7 responses to “rock star bar

  1. superdave524

    Cool story.

  2. I always find that champagne and rock stars make life okay.

  3. that’s a tough call…free coke with a (cute?) stranger or free booze with a safe bartender? who am I kidding. Free Booze (and making strangers cry) Rocks!

  4. love this story! also i want to meet you in a rock star bar.

  5. col

    SD, john, laurs & gem — i’d love to pop some bubbly with all ya’ll. as far as i’m concerned you’re all rock stars too!

  6. Allan

    Hey, what about the part about you, Alona and Sandy drooling?

  7. alan, that was one detail that didn’t make the cut. it’s greedy and all but sometimes i like to keep the most delicious parts for myself!

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