ask and ye shall receive

less than a month ago i was whining about weddings and paying for other people’s blessed life events and the fact that when your lifestyle is one of singledom, you pretty much get the shaft from society. well, the internets have shown me otherwise. within a few of days of posting that rant, i received gifts from beloved blog friends whom i’ve not yet met in the flesh. the weeks passed and more gifts came streaming in from friends and family. i’ve now received more than half of the items on my list. consequently i’ve been cooking up a storm, eating in style, and enjoying shiatsu massages like nobody’s business.

stuff is still just stuff  … what is so touching is knowing that there’s a loving, caring community of peeps out there looking after my megalomaniacal self. i love everybody, even you cheap mofos who skimped on  presents (kidding). mwah!



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3 responses to “ask and ye shall receive

  1. superdave524

    People don’t use “ye” enough anymore.

  2. Snap, I’m making a registry.

  3. Your megalomaniacal ass rocks! The cult of col lives!

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