1. Inventing the Movies — According to this guy, George Lucas believes that movie theaters − rather than vanishing on account of all the other media options out there − will become “the cultural center of the future” … the place where people go there to meet people, to hang out, to be entertained. I could totes see that, though I don’t think they will be “movie” theaters anymore. They will be more like “my favorite everything.” (PS: is this post a candidate for “unnecessary” quotation marks? hmmm…..)

2. Summer Streets − Spill, Bri & I met up yesterday morning for an unusual bike ride. For 3 weeks this summer they closed off the central strip of Manhattan to cars (Park Avenue and connecting streets from the Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park). Sat. was the last one. Kinda cool — has the feel of running the marathon but with less people cheering and less pain. We rode up to the park, did the loop and then back down to the W. Village. Fun.

3. Animal House −After bikes I went to the barn with Spill and got to see her beautiful white horse, Katie. As in a real white horse – not a local bar or a euphemism for cocaine. There were lots of dogs there. Then we picked up my parents’ dog, Duffy, and brought him back to the city. Spill’s taking care of him for a spell. He’s a suburban dog, totes unused to so many people and so many other dogs. But he seems to be liking it so far. I tooled around the hood with him for a bit, and even brought him up to meet Aretha. Everything was fine until she started hissing at him and her hair started standing on end. He then bolted at her and a minor scuffle ensued. Nothing serious, tho.

4. Inked! I got a tattoo! It’s tiny. An infinity symbol on my left wrist. Have always wanted one so I figured what the hell − carpe diem − like the title of the new David Byrne and Brian Eno album: Everything That Happens Will Happen Today. the kid who did it was nice, and effusive about how lucky he is to have found his calling. i was jealous.

5. They call this news? Jennifer Anniston and John Mayer: The guy’s a douche and she’s got a masochistic streak. This is an astute summation.



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3 responses to “roundup

  1. 1. Duffy is one lucky pooch.

    2. OMG, to infinity and beyond!

  2. Bro Bri

    duff likes the city so much, he shows his appreciation by peeing on people’s beds!

    good deal on the tat.

  3. Lost

    OMG! You got a tat! Awesome! Did it hurt?

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