70’s revisited, man

i am certainly not the first to observe that the 70’s are back, but i can’t help but notice it on a daily basis. here’s a shortlist … what else?

Cheech & Chong


Crap economy/high oil prices


Green movement

Peace movement

Black Power



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4 responses to “70’s revisited, man

  1. I don’t call 3.3% growth in GDP for the last quarter a “crap” economy.

    And to add to your list: stupid politicians who support a windfall profits tax on oil companies.

  2. col

    that’s partly why i love you john. even as i wrote that totes unsubstantiated remark, i knew you’d rebut me, and that’s partly why i did it. i was cruisin’ for a bruisin!

  3. John in IL

    If you listen to “the man on the street”, most politicians and nearly all journalists, the next Great Depression is here. Whatever.

    And I love Basia! How did you know?

  4. superdave524

    The Depression? Not that great…

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