kate moss’s DB’s

a pal had talked about getting a double birds tattoo a couple of years ago. she never did it. but kate moss did, as i learned in the sept. 2008 issue of interview. it’s a great issue, btw, even if you’re not a fashionista or fan of nudie kate moss. interviews with spike lee, woody allen, lord whimsy (who talks at length about fops and dandies), some rich italian dude named lapo elkann. there’s lofty verbiage from the mag’s new management about the role of magazines in the internet age which i am sort of making fun of yet also agree with. seemed like the writing wasn’t as good in several of the pieces i read … long-winded conventional journalism 101-intros before the interviews begin. who needs that? hate the artifice — if it’s not fresh and clever, then just don’t. also didn’t love the new typefaces, but maybe i’m just not used to it yet. overall, tho, it’s still a terrific mag … a good show for the new editors, i thought.


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  1. superdave524

    Somebody get that girl a cheeseburger. Stat!

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