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here’s a picture of a bunch of us with john at his & sara’s wedding.

he was such a friend. i found this poem that seems very apropos …

Excerpt from the Poem “About John” by Hilaire Belloc

For no one, in our long decline

So dusty, spiteful and divided,

Had quite such pleasant friends as mine,

Or loved them half as much as I did.

The library was most inviting:

The books upon crowded shelves

Were mainly of our private writing:

We kept a school and taught ourselves.

From quiet homes and first beginning,

Out to undiscovered ends,

There’s nothing worth the wear of winning

But the laughter and the love of friends



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turd ferguson

in much happier news, linda and i are seeing norm mac donald turd ferguson tonight at caroline’s.


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farewell fair friend …

Am pretty stunned today, shocked and not really grasping the fact that my dear friend John has left the Earth. He was so special, so genuine, so smart, so gifted, hilarious and generous. Only 33 years old, leaving behind an amazing woman, three children and a baby on the way. There’s no smart or soothing thing to say. He was in a serious accident back in June and over the past 4 months made amazing progress, coming back in a way that mystified doctors and lit up his family and friends with hope. He was released to inpatient rehab last week and suffered a pulmonary embolism yesterday during a session. Along with the whole college gang, I am heading out to Arkansas on Sunday for the funeral. I hate that these are the circumstances under which we are all finally visiting … we had long talked about having a trip to John’s home town … he often joked about how hokey it was … a town with only one stop light. Right now all my love and energy is focused on his wife, children, parents and brothers. I can’t imagine their pain. This all seems so senseless and cruel. The only positive in the near term is that I’ll get to see a bunch of my buds this weekend. John would like that — he was always bringing people together.


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A.Word.A.Day: col




(kol, rhymes with doll)


noun: A mountain pass.


From French col (neck), from Latin collum (neck). Ultimately from the Indo-European root kwel- (to revolve) that is also the source of words such as colony, cult, culture, cycle, cyclone, chakra, and collar.


“Car rental presented the first obstacle. No major company allows its vehicles on Saddle Road, which runs across the 6,600-foot-high col between the two peaks, much less anywhere near the summits themselves.” James Dannenberg; Trying for a peak experience on Big Island; San Francisco Chronicle; Aug 24, 2008.


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wednesday afternoon dance party!

yeah, you heard it right — i’m on a rampage, stirring things up with a dance party MID WEEK! i really dig this song & video “time to pretend” from hipster kiddies MGMT. it’s particularly resonant as i embrace my adultesecent sensibility and prepare for my reading at cringe on october 1! judging by the song’s lyrics, these guys tend to agree that life is a bastard.


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who’s douchier

check out this fun game on


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stone cold shillin’

i don’t usually shill for my employer, but i DO make fusses over hot guys so please consider this post the latter rather than the former. he’s smokin, that simon baker. and he can help you play fun tricks.


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