i heart sara benincasa

this girl is hilarious, and i am totes gonna go to one of her live events some time soon. H/T to miss laurs, the funny lady who turned me on to her.



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9 responses to “i heart sara benincasa

  1. Women attacking women. How lovely. How 2008.

  2. Bro Bri

    I didn’t watch the whole thing, but it didn’t seem like an attack. Just a goofy bit of humor. Mind you, there have been attacks, and how dontchaknow! (psst – it’ll get worse, too.) We know more about 17 year old Bristol Palin in a week then we do about Obama in the 2 years he’s been running for Prez.

    But he’s their guy after all.

  3. I’ll tell u a secret: I sent the video to mah hubby and he said, “Why do I want to see Sarah Palin on a vlog?”

    I’m like, dude, that’s not the REAL Sarah Palin!

    (He just saw the frozen thumbnail & the up-do and assumed it was her.)


  4. But he’s their guy after all.

    and he’s a guy. After all.

  5. col

    yesh, bri bri is right. this is comedy. i don’t give a rat’s ass about either political party or candidate, but i do care about people who make me laugh, and this chick does.

  6. col

    oh and if i want to hear a woman attacking sarah palin, i’ll let it be peggy noonan

  7. superdave524

    Funny stuff. I liked, “Hey, I was elected Governess of Alaska. I don’t think it matters that I didn’t win the F#CKING BEAUTY CONTEST!”

  8. Sara Benincasa

    Hey, thanks for the link! Diana Saez and I really appreciate it.

    Diana is the voice of Dina, and if you ever wanna check out her saucy Puerto Ricanness, visit http://dianasaurusrex.tumblr.com.

    Thanks again!

  9. wow sara benincasa herself hollarin at me. funny thing, now i actually think of sara benincasa whenever i hear sarah palin’s name. i totes can’t wait for SNL this weekend.

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