i was on national tv this morning!

click on this link and watch real close at :44. how’s that for a monday morning dance party?! NPH was totes cool and hilarious, BTW. check out this interview he did with the local boston TV folks. cuz kate, her fiance and their friends also made it out that night. here’s a pic of kate with NPH.

it was a fun weekend, albeit a tad exhausting. amid all the crap that’s going on en la vida col, work is a beam of sunshine. today i got to leave the office early, head out to the open and sit in the suite for a sick view of the Federer match. not so bad. in other positive news, ellen is finally back from vacation and my DVR is getting ready to get filled again with fresh new goodies. also the new coen brothers film is out friday — pumped for that too.



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6 responses to “i was on national tv this morning!

  1. superdave524

    And a Tina Louise sighting. Niiice.

  2. I knew her when. And did NPH realize his brush with greatness ? You rock!

  3. Lost

    oooooh….Federer…..oooh….”Burn After Reading”…..

  4. NWO

    Wow, you are, like, so THERE!! Thanks for the taste of Col!

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