A.Word.A.Day: col

from wordsmith.org



(kol, rhymes with doll)


noun: A mountain pass.


From French col (neck), from Latin collum (neck). Ultimately from the Indo-European root kwel- (to revolve) that is also the source of words such as colony, cult, culture, cycle, cyclone, chakra, and collar.


“Car rental presented the first obstacle. No major company allows its vehicles on Saddle Road, which runs across the 6,600-foot-high col between the two peaks, much less anywhere near the summits themselves.” James Dannenberg; Trying for a peak experience on Big Island; San Francisco Chronicle; Aug 24, 2008.



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2 responses to “A.Word.A.Day: col

  1. I am so calling you 6600-foot Col now.

  2. col

    thanks, kate. you “Tina Fey-natic blogger,” you …

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