costume contender #2

this is so so wrong, and it wasn’t my idea but here’s another possibility for a halloween costume: tainted chinese baby milk.



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5 responses to “costume contender #2

  1. was that a link? it didn’t go thru.

    my friend, who i am blaming this horribly tasteless idea on, suggested i get some baby dolls, put exes on the eyes and wear them dangling

  2. Jake

    Come on, you’re talking about real kids and people that were sickened and killed by this stuff. I love tasteless humor and am usually the first to tell people to ease up, but I think that’s maybe taking it a bit too far

  3. superdave524

    Well, it was supposed to be a link. Just a reference to the original (I think) “Tainted Love”. Bit of a stretch, really.

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