kick the ball georgie

i haven’t been saying or doing much in the blogosphere of late. not for lack of ideas. the reticence is coming from a confluence of exhaustion, stage fright and just lack of time. exhaustion from the outside world and any of many very impactful recent personal events.  stage fright because i’ve learned that lots of people read this blog … people i know well and or/only peripherally know and i wonder about how much to expose and/or share. and lack of time because, well you know: interests, friends, work, things to do.

also, i just don’t want to be boring.

for the past two weeks, the new highlight of my weekend has been soccer (is that boring? bear in mind, i am a 33 year old woman living in manhattan). there’s a casual pickup game on field down the street. co-ed, whoever shows up. 9 pm on saturday nights.

figure it’s a better way to meet guys and spend a weekend night than doing the same old predictable dinner/drinks with girlfriends and or married folks. spill brought me for the first time last week. i ran around like a madwoman and loved every minute of it, harkening back to the days in fifth grade when i dominated the field as the only girl on the boy’s traveling team (they didn’t have a girl’s traveling team back then). there was this kid george colon blanco whose dad was colombian and psycho about soccer. he used to scream, “kick the ball georgie! we’re not here to pick coffee beans!” (N.B.: “kick the ball georgie” kinda sounds like the name of a band, doesn’t it?)

but i digress.

i love soccer. it lets me be athletic, strategic and aggressive, while – corny as it may sound — being a total team player at the same time. i hadn’t played in years, but it all came back to me right away. so so fun – i felt like a fifth grader again. but i was a hurtin’ unit after that first game − very very sore. got over it after a few yoga sessions and some rest.

well this week i pulled muscles in my groin and upper abs within 10 minutes of starting, probably because it was 40 degrees out and i didn’t warm up. bonehead move … i was gimping around the field all night. spill also had a tough time walking and running due to an injury of her own. but we both powered through being the stubborn kind of chicks who play when we’re hurt.

when we were done, we limped back to her apartment and stretched, remarking at how younger versions of us would not have suffered these injuries. our choices were: 1) go to a party in brooklyn 2) join the other players for beers or 3) stretch and drink a beer while watching the opening of snl, before calling it a night.

you will be shocked to learn we chose 3, and i was home in bed by midnight. sometimes boring is so so good.



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12 responses to “kick the ball georgie

  1. John in IL

    Boring is one thing you’re not.

  2. superdave524

    That sounds like a lot of fun to me.

  3. Dude, 9pm is my bedtime. You’re an inspiration.

  4. Jake

    I think you’re confusing George Blanco and Chris Colon.

  5. col

    OMG jake you are totally right. George Blanco — of course they lived near me. thanks for setting the record straight.

  6. Lost

    I was ready for bed on sat night and watched SNL and was asleep by 1am! I don’t think it boring. I think it completely perfect and content!

  7. Bro Bri

    Negative, Jake. They were both Latino guys, so I understand your confusion.

    Georg Blanco (Colombian) was the AB Smith School soccer reference. Chris Colon (Puerto Rican) played Hawks football like me because we live in America and play American sports.

    The impression of Mr. Blanco (may he R.I.P.) was originally uttered by Justin Sosnoski, another Hillsdale Hawks football player. All three of those guys were a year behind me. Point of reference: Justin lived across from us on Douglas Drive in that red house next to the Lehman’s until he moved to Nyack after his folks got a divorce. I Justin keeping us in stitches not only doing impressions of Mr. Blanco, but doing impressions of a PBS documentary voiceover guy talking about the mating habits of whales – pretty advanced comedy stylings for a 5th grader!

  8. Bro Bri

    Sorry Jake – you did the correcting (I now noticed after rereading.)

    Well, you’ve now got the origins of “kick the ball, Georgie!” and my stance on Soccer.

  9. gena

    Col, I guess I’m one of those random people who reads your blog you didn’t know about it. My parents were really good friends with the Blancos and that story just put the BIGGEST smile on my face. I can hear him saying that now. My Dad would laugh, too, so I might have to share it with him.

  10. Bro Kev

    What Bri really meant in his fourth sentence was, “America, FU*K YEAH!”

  11. man, i really love the thread here. thanks friends past present and future. right back atcha. so fun.

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