Concepts and questions

I’ve been focused on lately:

Value ─ how it’s changing, the relativity, the tumult, the opportunity.

Life ─ How to be happy. How to be good. How long it takes to die. How long it takes to live.

Love ─ How to accept and not project. How to give and forgive. How to be patient … with oneself and others.

What does existence become when all your material and physical needs are more than taken care of? Emotional needs, intellectual needs? Is that the path to overcoming fear and tapping our true potential as a species?

The good we can do in the world … human potential and when we’ll see some of the more amazing developments developing on a bigger scale.

Speaking of amazing …



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2 responses to “Concepts and questions

  1. superdave524

    Patience. That’s a tough one. All wrapped up in trust and acceptance like it is. One of the lines from “More One Minute Nonsense” by Anthony de Mello.

    A visitor commented on the Master’s leisurely attitutude, and asked him why he seemed never to be in a hurry. “Life is too short. I don’t have time to be in a hurry”.

  2. All worthwhile things for all of us to consider. Thanks for sharing your list and the ideas!

    That patience one always gets to me – and is my constant area of improvement.


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