i am dying to tell you what i’m being for halloween but don’t want to give it all away. some hints: it’s timely. it’s related to the global economic crisis. it’s kinda esoteric but not THAT esoteric.

coincidentally, i am violating my “no sexy costumes” rule for the second year straight, though i would argue that i am upholding the spirit of the rule.

it is a rule designed to criticize women who favor slutty halloween costumes over clever or funny ones. they use halloween as an excuse to parade around in very revealing outfits. i call it the “variation of the whore” motif — slutty nurse, cop, devil, native american … you name it. it’s just lame and unimaginative.

last year as miss south carolina, i wore a slightly racy dress but any sexy import was canceled out by my ridiculous wig. this year it just so happens that the main piece of my costume is one size only and it’s snug and short. but there are so many props involved, i don’t think i’ll look like a hoochie mamma.



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5 responses to “halloween

  1. I can’t believe you’re not going as Ashley Todd.

  2. superdave524

    Our choice here in the Palmetto State for Miss South Carolina is fairly consistent with our choice for president. Obviously, we can’t know who that is yet, but keep an eye on us on the first Tuesday in November. I’m sure we’ll employ the same level of intelligence…

  3. col

    oh — ashley todd is a good one! it also opens the possibility for a dark wig, which i love.

    SD, you are a bright beacon, like such as.

    i tried on my costume this morning and have to come clean: it’s TOTALLY a sexy halloween costume. it’s CLEVER and UNIQUE too, but also ostensibly sexy.

    there could be much worse things, no?

  4. John in IL

    give it up bitch. You like your sexy self. Colloween is great holiday!

  5. john, you got me.

    it’s that catholic guilt and shame making me pretend not to love my own sweet ass.

    i’ll be shakin’ it on colloween … you betcha

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