halloween 2008: the housing bubble

new york has every kind of person. there were several smarties who were like: “OH, You’re the subprime mortgage crisis!” and then others were like: “yo, i like that bubble wrap … can i pop that shit?” gotta love it.

see more pics from the night …



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8 responses to “halloween 2008: the housing bubble

  1. John in IL

    Sexy; topical, naughty doors…Love it! I wanna pop your bubbles, too.

  2. superdave524

    Hey, wanna trade Halloweens?

  3. John in IL

    I helped someone move on Halloween (and scared small children) Dave. Beat that .

  4. superdave524

    Least you hung out with people. I stayed home and handed out candy. Didn’t even dress up. How lame is that?

  5. col

    thanks everyone. i had lots of fun with it.

    and though i think it’s an odd thing to compete about, for the record, helping someone move and scaring small children definitely beats staying home on the halloween lameness scale.

  6. John in IL

    Cool. I’m calling you when I move (and I scare small children every day).

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