200573103-001I don’t know what will happen with this here election of ours but I am so excited for something new, a new period, a new marker, a new time. I had to wait an hour and a half this morning to vote. I stood in line with a woman from my building, Lynn, whom I had never met before. She teaches at the film school at NYU, focusing on children’s programming. Cool lady. We laughed. The volunteer directing traffic to the various booths was a champ too. I left in high spirits. People bitch, people complain, and they do bad things to each other, yes. But there’s so much good too, lots of laughter. I do love people.



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12 responses to “Giddy

  1. Bro Bri

    congrats to pres. elect obama, and congrats to america for hitting a very historic checkpoint. this should go a long way to reduce our nation’s obsession with race for good or bad intentions.

    although i don’t anticipate good things on the horizon with a democratic exec and legislative branch, maybe i’ll be pleasantly surprised and we’ll go back to kennedy style democratic leadership (as overrated as it is historically speaking,) and not the feckless carter style as i anticipate. Obama’s got the style thing down for sure – let’s see the substance on the centrist message he sold the nation on. I sincerely hope my instincts to be wrong for the sake of our nation.

    the pres-elect has a much to live up to in terms of expectations:

  2. superdave524

    It’s nice to see reactions from around the world: people saying that in America, really anything is possible.

  3. lewis fein


    I agree! I hope President-elect Obama proves me wrong, but I remain cautiously pessimistic about him both personally and politically. Is his election historic, and by posing that question am I not repeating something glaringly obvious, something so straightforward that only a fool or a hardened ideologue would ignore? Yes! But the ignorance – and humanity – of the American people never ceases to amaze me. The election is a testament to our humanity. Would Americans elect a Jew or an African-American to national office? They have — and they did. For the former, sorta; for the latter, the results are clear. And yet, few remarked about this phenomenon, the relative tolerance of the electorate, when Al Gore and Joe Lieberman won the popular vote in 2000. Not to put too fine a point on the matter, but – and this bears repeating for my liberal Jewish friends – but “Christian” America seemed very much prepared to have a Jewish vice president eight years ago. And “white” America is now very much eager for its first “black” (the qualifier is in quotes for two reasons: one, because Barack Obama is biracial, and two, it’s absurd to reduce such a person – any person – to racial categories) president. But our ignorance is more upsetting. We vote for the person, not the race or religion. Most of the time. Britain had its first “Jewish” prime minister 240 years ago, when the Conservatives selected Benjamin Disraeli, born to Jewish parents and baptized as an Anglican, as their leader. We miss these points – that the best man (or woman) can still succeed in virtually any environment – at our own expense. Finally, I worry that President-elect Obama, as a person, simply lacks the ire against a great threat – an existential enemy – that would normally elicit the passion of a true leader of ideas. Does he believe in American exceptionalism? Aside from his very powerful argument that his rise would not be possible in any other country, which itself isn’t necessarily true, does he believe America is better than, morally superior to the jihadists who threaten us? If this war – and by war, I mean the war against Islamo-fascism – is a huge result of blowback and miscommunication, then does President-elect Obama seek to negotiate us through it, by means of word and not deeds? Alas, the best way to defeat evil is to first acknowledge it exists.

  4. col

    bri & lew, it’s always been my belief that positive people ultimately prevail. i am tired of fear-mongering and ready to transcend that mindset of constant conflict. i am glad a leader has emerged to give the nation and world a feeling of hope again.

  5. Bro Kev

    I have to admit, despite not participating in the voting, I think it is still very cool to have witnessed such an event in our nation’s history. However Col, while it seems like that the nation and the world have a feeling of hope – that itself is troubling. People seem to make decisions based on feelings and emotions, not on facts. This almost always leads to a lot of let down which turns into vitriol and fodder come the next election. For the most part From my point of view, both candidates did not have much substance at all behind them. I mean, career senators? Yikes. You can’t get much more “do nothing” than that in my book. The ubiquitous political blogs, 24 hour a day news channels, etc. give us much less substantive reporting and has boiled important issues down to a my team versus your team argument. All I am hoping for is less government intervention in the capital markets ( even after all of this bullshit) and strength militarily. I don’t know if McCain/ Palin would have been able to provide us with that either. Sorry to be a bummer, I just don’t get the hype. We shall see…

  6. lewis fein

    Pardon my innumeracy. Disraeli was PM earlier than 240 years ago

  7. Bro Bri

    Lew – Great to hear from you! Drop a line to my home email w/out the nospam part, please. On Electing a Jew, here’s the difference I believe: Although there is much anti-Semitism in America, I’d say by and large most Jews see America as their true “promised land” even thankfully with the Jewish State of Israel. And though the Black middle class has grown a tremendous amount in the past 20 years, I’d say this positive sentiment amongst the majority of blacks isn’t shared with American Jews.

    Col – As far as positivity and the transcendence of constant conflict, I can appreciate the sentiment, and once the Jihadi’s put down their C4 and embrace modernity I’ll consider signing up.

    Kev – as for hype and the aftermath:

    Here’s a link to a great article about how I feel which is worth reading:

  8. Brady

    My line was pretty short, and I was in and out of there in about 20 minutes. But we had a real barker in the first section — a guy shouting over and over who needed to go where, and why, and when. He was friendly and helpful, but there was no need for the shouting. Finally, a guy said, Hey, buddy, you’ve got 12 hours to go — you’ll never make it. The thing is, everyone seemed to be in a good mood, and even the shouter laughed it off. Normally that kind of comment can start a fistfight, or at least a good shouting match.

  9. Bro Kev

    Bri, that video was hysterical. I can only imagine what the folks out here in San Francisco are going to focus on now. No more protests downtown? Could it be?

  10. John in IL

    I’m guessing that they’ll go back to generic crazy.

  11. Bro Bri

    well, they’ve been protesting a war that has been won. let me think . . . umm – Israel? WTO? Really, the possibilities are endless.

  12. the onion post-election victory depression complex story is very funny. and to all the rest of you concerned citizens, i respect your right to worry. i’m exercising my right to take deep breaths, focus on my own life and not to get caught up in the anxiety. (this message has been brought to you by xanax.)

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