I’m in L-007-ve.

quantum-of-solace1phyll and i saw quantum of solace. battery park city theater friday night at 7 pm – it was packed. colleagues asked if it was the franchise or daniel craig that motivated me to see it on opening night. hands down it was daniel craig. he embodies my fantasy male. rugged, brooding exciting masculinity. the opposite of the domesticated hyper intellectual, desk-riding metro male i live amongst. decisive, confident, and all the while intelligent (not a caveman). bond as played by dc is a tortured unfulfilled soul − utterly elusive, incapable of forming sustained intimate relationships. sad? bad bf material? proly, but i am too busy drooling. those eyes, cheekbones, shoulders. gah!!!



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6 responses to “I’m in L-007-ve.

  1. superdave524

    Not yet showing in our one theater in the Boro. When they do, I will prolly (see, I figure the single “l” makes the “o” long, whatever the Urban Dictionary folks say. Besides, they spelled “can’t” wrong. Too lazy to contract, I guess) will.

  2. John in IL

    Love how your review has nothing to do with the movie. I haven’t seen it yet but my review will be the same (eyes, cheekbones, shoulders. gah!!!).

  3. I too saw the movie. I give it a big ehh. The plot was too convoluted and dare I say it it had too much action. If you take into account this movie is supposed to start half hour after the last one ends you have to think there is no way one person could take that much of a beating.

  4. col

    SD, yer prolly right.

    barry, c’mon. don’t be so damned literal.

    john nailed it — my attending the show had little to do with the story. it’s all about DC baby.

  5. Lost

    Plot? There was a plot? A story? Oh, I must’ve missed that, I thought it was just a way to show off how hot Daniel Craig is in a tux, in a suit, without his shirt on, what looks like if he got into a fight with people shooting at him, what he looks like when he doesn’t sleep, how hot he looks in slow-mo…..


    I. have. no. words.


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