10 Sexiest Men Alive

People mag released its “Sexiest Man Alive” issue last week and chose Hugh Jackman. Snore. While I certainly wouldn’t kick him out of bed, he’s not on the “Col’s 10 Sexiest Men Alive” list, that’s for sure. I gave about 5 minutes of thought to who MY top 10 are.

Without further a dude …

10) Ryan Gosling — loved him in half nelson. he’s the mysterious, quiet seeming type. smart too.


9) James Franco — similar appeal to ryan gosling. not as intellectually sharp, but more fun and goofy. loved him in freeks & geeks. also it’s kinda cute that he’s working on an MFA up at columbia.


8) Christian Bale — I’m hangin’ on to him from years past though I felt he was a bit too smooth in the latest Batman. I’d like to see him rough it up again. come to think of it, i wouldn’t mind roughing him up.


7) Q-Tip — I’ve crushed on him since I was 16. And his new album, The Renaissance, adds flames to the fire.


6) Jason Statham — Tough, sparky little bloke. Reeks of adventure. To quote the Prince song, “I don’t care where we go …  I don’t care what we do. I don’t care pretty baby, just take me with you.”


5) Matt Damon — Smart, clever all-American hottie. Love the Bourne movies and the fact that he keeps somewhat of a low profile and married a civilian.


4) Leo Di Caprio — I resisted Leo in the early years, when he was all the rage around Titanic. Time passed — Gangs of New York … Catch Me If You Can … The Aviator … The Departed. Now, I swoon.


3) Javier Bardem — 3 words: Vicky Christina Barcelona. Aye, Aye Aye.


2) Clive Owen — The dark, brooding, hyper-masculine British hunk.


1) Daniel Craig — The light, brooding, hyper-masculine British hunk.

Casino Royale



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6 responses to “10 Sexiest Men Alive

  1. Ken disagrees vehemently with Ryan Gosling (not meaty enough & Half Nelson was depressing) and Leo Di (wuss).

    I think Matt Damon is a bit of a mouth-breather.

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  3. John in IL

    Sorry. I’m too busy drooling.

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  5. col

    I can understand Ken’s reservations. Note that at # 10 Ryan Gosling just barely made it on the list (it was a countdown). But there is a place in my heart for skinny guys. It never ends well because I can’t get over the fact that their jean size is smaller than mine, but still. As for Leo, he’s not a wuss. If you have any doubt, maybe you should take a look at THIS!

    Laurs, Matt wrote Goodwill Hunting which tells me he’s not dumb. Yeah he’s sanctimonious like the lot of them but I can overlook it.

    John, Let’s share a raft … we can ride the rapids of drool!

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