the perils of online dating …

occasionally, and sometimes frequently, you receive odd missives and photos from strange men you don’t know. like steve, who today asked me to brunch and sent me this:


i mean, really?



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11 responses to “the perils of online dating …

  1. kristina

    I am partial to corn dogs, and appreciate the artistry, but does he want you to be attracted, or just impressed by his cleverness?

    I am so over cleverness.

    Yet, who knows, sometimes we are our own worst cynics.

  2. John in IL

    So did you and Steve enjoy your (meat filled) brunch?

  3. John in IL

    And brunch is the “I really don’t want to have sex, I’d rather eat” meal of th day. Which is fine…if you’re hungry.

  4. i didn’t brunch with steve. i like zany but that picture, which came sans explanation (or is it implied that this is steve’s idea of brunch?), was too zany, even for me.

  5. superdave524

    Meat balloons? I think Jeffrey Dahmer did that.

  6. Bro Bri

    I don’t know, I see jean-short overalls and I see Daniel Craig.

    I’d blur out his face. You may not want to anger someone who is this strange.

  7. Lost

    i don’t even know where to begin……too…many….comments….brain….overload!!


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  9. Wow – some people really need to work on their communication skills! What was he thinking??

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