Should auld acquantaince be forgot?

champagne_toast1Nope, it shouldn’t. Happy New Year to all of my friends, family, loved ones and nemesi. Sorry so quiet/lame. Been biz lately with moving, holidays, family issues, etc. Mega drams. But all’s good and I am excited for a clean slate. The movers are here preparing to schlepp me to the new joint down the street. It has 3 separate rooms — my first non-studio apartment in NYC! Rent-controlled under $2,000 in an awesome spot. Found it through blogging pal, Christa in New York.  No broker fee or anything like that. Behold the power of online social networking — it really does pay! Thanks to all of you  for everything fun and good you’ve contributed here and to the world this year. Welcome the 2k9! PS: Dk how long it will be til i will have internet in the new pad and will be able to post again … so hang tight and don’t give up on cols.



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7 responses to “Should auld acquantaince be forgot?

  1. superdave524

    Wouldn’t dream of it.

  2. John in IL

    Have you decided on the “official” col slogan for 09 yet?

  3. John in IL

    And congrats on the new digs.

  4. col

    Indeed, john. It’s: “the world is mine in 2009.” xxoo

  5. John in IL

    That’s a winner.

  6. col

    thanks john. i dig it too!

  7. Linda K.

    col–i love the apartment. it is so you! i especially like the “blackboard” in the kitchen!

    and you now have 3 whole rooms to play in. aretha must be so busy exploring all those new nooks and crannies.

    your new home is a wonderful beginning to 2009!


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