yeah, that’s the ticket …

ratrace2oh1according to Section 4-08 (l)(i) of the New York City Traffic Rules:

“one authorized regulatory sign anywhere on a block, which is the area of sidewalk between one intersection and the next, shall be sufficient notice of the restriction(s) in effect on that block.”

For this reason, if your defense is that all the signs on the block were missing or illegible or that the sign where your vehicle was parked is different from the one stated on the summons, you should submit overlapping photographs of the entire block, corner to corner. Photographs are important evidence at your hearing, particularly when you plead “Not Guilty” due to missing signs.

Photographs should clearly identify the street name and the building address stated on the summons. The photos should also show all signs on the block, including the front and back of any illegible ones. You may also submit additional evidence, such as diagrams, witness statements, maps, videos, etc.

I have received two pricey parking tickets in the past two weeks.  If I get one more, it will add up to the cost of a monthly parking space.  My beef is that the signs are hard to decipher. You can’t tell which sign applies to which spot. So do I get myself organizized to fight it or do I pay up and shut up?



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5 responses to “yeah, that’s the ticket …

  1. Bro Bri

    I pay on my own schedule. They tack on late fees if you dont send by the prescribed date, but if you pay the original fine, they stop asking and you’re apparently off the hook for the late fees. bottom line, i’ve been ticketed in manhattan a hand full of times where I was parked legally – once I was even towed when I was legally parked. it’s a revenue generator of the ciudad – and a big one at that.

  2. superdave524

    Cost/benefit? Pay the two pennies. But some people like to fight City Hall and enjoy the experience of going and presenting their case. Go and blog it, if you want. Depending on the facts and the judge, you might even win.

  3. jake, thanks for sending that. they just had that piece on npr and i was looking for more info.

    bro bri, also a good tip, thanks.

    sd, the tickets are $115 each. not two pennies in my book! i think i will take pics of the streets in question — i really feel like they tricked me and it’s frustrating after the painstaking lengths i went to find what i thought were legal spots and parallel park.

  4. John in IL

    I’m so happy I have a driveway (I wouldn’t live there).

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