the big 4-O


today is my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary. amazing. and man they did keep those vows — for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, and in joy as well as in sorrow. not that it’s been easy, but they did what they said they would and i am proud of that. congrats mom & dad!



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7 responses to “the big 4-O

  1. Whoa. Congrats. They survived richer & poorer, sickness & health — and the 60s & 70s, which is amazing if you read Updike & Wolfe.


  2. Lewis Fein

    Few write a scene as well as Updike. Harry Angstrom is a character to behold.

  3. John in IL

    They did a good job of raising some decent (and attractive) children. Hooray for forty years!

  4. kristina

    What a sweet pic. Thinking of you and your fam.

  5. AA

    That picture is fabulous. You should print it, blow it up and frame it for your apt.

  6. superdave524


  7. thank everyone. much obliged.

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