col trivia

i wrote this up for facebook, but then i decided not to post there. it’s annoying. i don’t want to tag people and all that shit. so here you go, 25 random things about moi. xoxo

1)       I’ve had my hair all different colors – dark brown, light brown, platinum blonde, red. You name it, I’ve tried it.

2)       I think the iphone is overrated. Mon Dieu!

3)       I just finished watching the HBO original series “the wire.” It was incredible. I got so hooked I was staying up late at night watching multiple episodes back to back. My two favorite characters are Omar and Bubbs. Absolutely brilliant show, incredible, heartbreaking insights into the enduring presence of poverty and drugs in American cities.

4)       I love pranks. The more elaborate, the better. Please let them involve wearing wigs and tricking people into saying and doing absurd things.

5)       Some artists and thinkers I admire and feel connected to: Andy Warhol, Langston Hughes, W.H. Auden, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Albert Einstein.

6)       It is extremely difficult for me NOT to be online/connected.

7)       Ellen DeGeneres is my hero. What a talent. One day I want to go with Beth and Christy and be in the studio audience together.

8)       I am not in shape right now. I have fallen out of the mix and keep saying I will get back but I haven’t quite gotten myself there yet. I know I will – I always do. But for now I am like a veal in a wooden crate.

9)       I wrote my master’s thesis about how the notion of journalistic objectivity is a sham. The excessive media coverage of the media itself is testament to that. Not only in volume but in perspective. We are moving into a world where that’s becoming more apparent … and where everyone is an information broker – we all just have different perspectives (and motivators) and levels of expertise. So choose your sources wisely!

10)   I still keep in touch with my Australian pen pal, Sarah, who I started corresponding with in third grade. We wrote letters, sent pictures and tapes for years. She came and visited me ten years ago and we had an absolute blast. Now we connect over email, Facebook and AIM and threaten to Skype though that hasn’t happened just yet.

11)   My nephew Liam is the light of my life. He is a chubby, hilarious smiley boy. A good snuggle with him and all is well in the world.

12)   My favorite color is purple.

13)   The first crush I ever had was on a boy named Christopher Rose. We were classmates at Zion Lutheran preschool in Westwood, NJ. He made my little heart go pitter patter.

14)   I have deep knowledge of old school and 1990’s East Coast hip hop. I loved it (still do). I was obsessed.

15)   I watch The Bachelor. It makes me very uncomfortable. How awkward. How sad. But I love love love it.

16)   I live in a 4 floor walk up. My own daily Stairmaster.

17)   I love comedy. Watching it, enjoying it. And I admire those who can do it, and speculate about the misery of their souls.

18)   A poem I love: “Motto” by Langston Hughes: I stay cool, and dig all jive, / that’s the way I stay alive. / My motto, / as I live and learn, / is / Dig and be dug / In return.

19)   My cat plays fetch.

20)   My goal for 2009 is to stop trying and just allow myself to BE.

21)   I have a big brother and a little brother and exhibit many middle child qualities. Embarrassing but true.

22)   Coming up with 25 things is a struggle. Ostentatious bragging is embarrassing… how to come up with this many nonchalantly self-reverential notes ain’t easy!

23)   I am not a fan of most breakfast foods – eggs, sausage, French toast. Don’t like it, won’t eat it!

24)   My signature shoes are Vans, boots and flip flops. I don’t like heels or anything else that causes me pain and bad posture.

25)   I don’t read novels anymore. I get my fiction and fantasy via video these days – movies and television.



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4 responses to “col trivia

  1. Snap, I’m so glad you didn’t tag me. These are much more fun to read than write!

  2. Now I know where Jake got the idea to make this list. Slightly less gay that you did it. BTW the iPhone rocks. I was like you and didnt want to convert. Now I want to make little robot babies with it.

  3. superdave524

    Your cat plays fetch? Maybe he’s a cat-ch.

  4. superdave524

    …and breakfast foods are good (I did this 25 people thang, too).

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