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TMI: February

Hi lovies I haven’t given you much lately so tonight, you get a brain dump with minimal editing. Lucky U!

iphone_in_pocket1. Pocket dialing. I am THE WORST. An infamous pocket dialer. People tell me they don’t pick up my calls because 9 times out of 10 it’s not even me. My Blackberry calls the trainer I can no longer afford, people I am no longer on speaking terms with, and at least once a day, my friend Phyllis. I thought once I switched to the iPhone the behavior would end but no – I still manage to pocket dial. My iPhone likes to call a dude I’ve been trying to phase out. Only left him in my address book so I could identify and avoid his calls and then – damnit I called him on Valentine’s Day and woke the lion! Yes I’ve heard of that thing called LOCK but still manage to F this up several times a week.

2. Pitbulls. There are so dang many in the NYC shelters. Hurts my heart to see these doggies. I can’t believe people would move to an apartment where no pets are allowed and just give up their dogs. Or tie a dog to a fence and just walk away. How can they do it? My heart breaks seeing so many abandoned animals in cages. I can’t wait to save a sweet pup one of these days. I will definitely adopt from a shelter.

cougar3. Cougar. I am sticking to the definition that a cougar is 8+ years older than her younger man. Kthxbai.

octomom-legacy__opt11__opt4. Octomom. I am entranced. She is not dumb. She is captivating and alarming. And in a warped way she reminds me that even if I don’t find a man I want to have children with, I can have kids too – I’d be a gazillion times better than THAT. Did you see the before and after plastic surgery pics? Crazy.

kathy-griffin-pr5. Kathy Griffin KILLED it at Madison Square Garden on Friday night. Two solid hours of new material, all of it totally hilarious. I have such admiration for that kind of talent. I was exhausted from all the laughing – just sitting there. She goes up there and knocks us all out with her unflinching, unending wit. Just superb. I love to see people like her and Ellen who really came into their own and shine LATER in their careers as opposed to earlier. It’s like it all built up into that. I work for people who are on the tippy top of their games and it’s a similar thing. They are so smart & so good because they have talent but also because they stood there and took a beating and went through all the ups and downs and emerged the better for it all. And they really love what they do. That is key.

6. Forgiveness – I keep thinking of forgiveness, how I can live and embody that. It is hard.


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barriers to recognition of a problem

gate1. repetitive experience
2. reliance upon memory
3. seeking results

the observer is the observed — j. krishnamurti

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aretha’s getting a bro

the new chez col permits dogs. so i will very soon add a new member to the west village kenny clan. as you know aretha is named for one of my music heroes. my new puppers shall be too and i am planning on getting a boy (though city shelters are so rough i might just fall in love with a girl). what should i name him? i had suggested otis for otis redding but a pal said i am treading into names that my yuppie friends might want to use for their kids.


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domo arigato, mr. roboto

i was the only person in my office oscar pool to correctly pick the japanese film “Departures” for the win in the Best Foreign Film category. it’s not as if i had any special insight … i just love japanese stuff and think it’s hot right now. funny guy.


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monday morning dance party!

i keep stealing from qtip. marvin marvin.

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monday morning dance party!

“give up the funk” by parliament. freshman year of college at ND my roommates & i won the howard hall lip synch contest performing this song. we danced to this song over the weekend at kate’s wedding.


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