col’s blog search terms: 2/5/09

comedy and tragedy faces
misspelled japanese tattoos 
col’s blog
price is right losing sound 
nice things about summer  
murphy bed death  
mary kate and ashley olsen 
top 10 sexiest men 
fair boob  



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9 responses to “col’s blog search terms: 2/5/09

  1. superdave524

    I never figured out how to play this game.

  2. John in IL

    Does Blogspot give you the searches that led people to your blog, Superdave? On WordPress they do. For example, yesterday, people found my blog by searching for these words:

    extreme skipping
    beefcake firemen
    steve hanneman shirtless
    cleft chin secrets

    God, I’m shallow.

  3. superdave524

    Maybe. But you’re fun, too (and I’ll try, but I don’t think blogspot will do it).

  4. superdave524

    Is This what I was supposed to find?

  5. John in IL

    I’m not sure. What were you looking for?

  6. col

    you guys are wacky, chattin it up random style here. love it.

    superdave, since you are on blogspot, you can signup for sitemeter to get tracking info. i used to have it before i switched to wordpress.

    it give you so much detail! i learned that an ex was obsessively checking my blog (i knew his IP addie). i also knew who the “anonymous” b-atch who dissed me over the gitmo joke was (it had a time stamp for when the comment was made … it identified the company she worked for and location. clearly she knew me and was hating me from afar based on some judgments she had cobbled together. don’t you love amnesty international supporters who treat the real people in their lives shitty?)

    anyways, since i switched to wordpress i have a lot less info on my site visitors, but i sleep better.

    john, you are smart-shallow. that’s the good kind! cleft chin secrets — now that is downright interesting.

  7. John in IL

    I’m in a comitted relationship with superdave. He’s comitted to commenting on my blog and I’m comitted to be generally annoying (and shallow).

  8. John in IL

    add an “M”

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