aretha’s getting a bro

the new chez col permits dogs. so i will very soon add a new member to the west village kenny clan. as you know aretha is named for one of my music heroes. my new puppers shall be too and i am planning on getting a boy (though city shelters are so rough i might just fall in love with a girl). what should i name him? i had suggested otis for otis redding but a pal said i am treading into names that my yuppie friends might want to use for their kids.



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8 responses to “aretha’s getting a bro

  1. col

    with a whopping 3 votes, prince is currently in the lead (as of 10:16 pm monday nite).

  2. kristina

    Aretha and Otis were a great pairing, that’s hard to beat.

    I love Levon Helm, but I think your nemesis Ethan Hawke named his kid that 🙂

  3. John in IL

    Get another cat. They need love too.

    (it might not help you in the husband department)

  4. John in IL

    I love my crazy cat ladies.

  5. col

    i love the kittehs and am a proud crazy cat lady but grew up with both cats and dogs and like the balance of canine and feline energy.

    plus i can take the dog out on walks and pick up dudes.

    if a guy can’t handle my darlings, then he can’t handle moi. it’s all about using my harem of pets to find a good man!

  6. Cols, did you see this headline from The Onion?

  7. superdave524

    Got to go with Marvin. Prince is too, well, dog-like.

  8. col

    Wow, everyone has a different opinion. I will have to see the boy and then decide what his name is.

    and yes laurs, i am totes getting a dog to appease my baby jones.

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