Good things

So many good things right now.


1) Dad’s doing better. Much better than he was at Christmas time when we were told he had scarce time left. Now he’s healthy enough to start another round of chemo. It’s still day-by-day. But it feels like, and is, such a gift.

2) I am closer to finding my pup. Am scheduled to meet two different rescue dogs — Cocker Spaniel in the East Village and a Pug-terrier mix in Ridgewood, NJ — over the weekend. My Mom and I bought dishes, toys and a baby gate for him yesterday. I am getting very excited!

3) My pal Beeth had a healthy baby girl on Tuesday. Yay to people I love populating the Earth with more people I love!

4) My pal Alona is happily engaged to a wonderful dude and is moving to London! Wedding in Montreal, trips to London and pal married to amazing guy – almost makes up for not having her in the same city anymore.

5) It is almost Spring and I will be running again, at last!

6) This is a fun site: a compendium of tweets about dreams:


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One response to “Good things

  1. superdave524

    Those are blessings, indeed. Also, the dream thing was pretty cool (I dreamed that I stole a candybar from Wesley Snipes?).

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