rufus arrives!

022The fabulosity of this weekend is hard to comprehend. Impromptu visit from mini honchini e mickey G on Friday. She came up from DC to hob nob with NYC public education honchos and then hung with moi for the night. we both needed to chillax so I booked us spa treatments at great jones. we lounged, steamed, saunaed, Jacuzzied, and both ended up getting massages from hot guys (we didn’t request it, but the fates smiled on us). I called mine my hot stone hottie. Song of the night: Touch my body.

026Saturday I met my new love: Rufus! Guys, I couldn’t have asked for a better pup. He is a 2 year old Pug/ Jack Russell terrier mix. As Laurie coined it, he’s a Perrier. He was rescued from a kill shelter in SC. He was fostered in NC for two weeks and was transported to Westwood NJ on Sat. I had the good fortune of seeing him on Petfinder and calling the head of the rescue operation at the right time. Snuggly, sweet, funny, loving, obedient. And the cutest little guy. He loves other dogs and is adapting rapidly to his NYC life after being a country boy. I feel sooo lucky. The lady that runs the shelter has assured me that the pup is/will be a dude magnet. Song of the day: Tell me something good!



Then, I found out that an old pal from grad school was in town. On Sunday we all (and by “all” I mean me, Brady & Mark and their pals Chris & Tyson) went to Corner Bistro and then Fat Cat’s for burgers, beers and tunes in that order. So good to see them and catch up. Hard to believe we’ve been out of grad school almost 10 years. We are talking about a reunion in Chapel Hill next spring — early April. Song for that weekend: Raise up!

I was worried about how Rufus would do — it was the longest I’ve left him alone thusfar – but he was a champ. Whimpered when I got in but settled down and there was no peeing or destruction while I was gone. Also, remarkably, he and Aretha get along fine. I have been able to have them both on the bed with me. It is a dream. Harem of pets! Friends old and new. Song for the weekend: Gettin up.



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3 responses to “rufus arrives!

  1. superdave524

    Now, that’s a good weekend, right there! Also, glad you found something from the Palmetto State that you liked.

  2. Lost

    I cannot wait to meet Rufus! What a perfect name! He’s totes a boy magnet. Very jealous of your Great Jones Spa eve. I need one of those.

    My favorite part of this post is the the song references to how you were feeling.

    Totes love it.

  3. Brady

    Good lord, that picture gives me the tiniest head.

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