i love you man!

saw i love you, man last night with phyll, a screening for viacom employees (i went as a guest). it was fantastic. i am generally a fan of judd apatow and his whole group of creative proteges. i love funny dudes. this one was all about paul rudd and his delicious awkwardness. he was spectacularly funny. and jason segel is great as well. his character reminds me of some of the hippyish dudes i have dated and/or been friends with over the years. it’s the contrast of those two characters — the lebowski-esque masculine free spirit and the sweet and sensitive yet repressed abercombie straight guy — that creates the tension and hilarity. this should be a big hit.




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2 responses to “i love you man!

  1. i agree. it was an awesome comedy. i loved it. nice e card ahha.


  2. superdave524

    Gonna have to watch it. We probably won’t get it in the Boro for a couple more weeks, though.

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