takes a licking keeps on ticking

frankenstein-jj-001i went to the hospital during lunch to sit with my parents while my dad awaited his latest radiation procedure. this is the 3rd brain procedure since july. first was full on brain surgery to remove a large tumor. then was full brain radiation to deal with five tumors. today was a procedure called stereotactic radio surgery … a laser beam radiation procedure they can use on on the new spots that have showed up since the radiation in november.

In the first phase, a box-shaped head frame is attached to your skull using specially designed pins to keep your head from moving until the treatment session is finished. This lightweight aluminum head frame is a guiding device that makes sure the Gamma Knife beams are focused exactly where the treatment is needed.

they drilled holes into his head and clamped on a metal halo that he had to wear for upwards of 8 hours while the scientists analyzed the latest brain scans and developed a radiation map. my dad is a very impatient person, so this was particularly vexing for him. but he does have the wherewithal to recognize that this annoyance is “keeping him alive” … a small price to pay.  the plan was implemented around 4. It took 2 hours and he was held a couple more hours for observation.  it is not painful and has little or no sideffects. in fact it is an outpatient procedure. never ceases to amaze me how amazing medicine is these days. it also never ceases to amaze me all the trauma that the human body — my dad’s in particular — can endure. the toughness is astounding.



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6 responses to “takes a licking keeps on ticking

  1. superdave524

    As the years roll by, I see more and more of my friends (internet and otherwise) experiencing personal and vicarious pain through the trials of their aging parents. Good that he’s a fighter. Good that he’s got such a good crew to fight and pray by his side.

  2. shucks, thanks dave. the people in my life have been wonderfully supportive and have shared their own experiences … we all have these struggles. with love and good friends we muddle though to happier times.

  3. John in IL

    the will to live is strong. Prayers and thoughts to you and yours.

  4. Science.

    Imagine what we’ll be able to cure in another 10 years?

    Shoot, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the dudes & women who want to be scientists and doctors and stuff. Those people are heroes to me.

  5. thanks ya’ll. science is awesome indeed.

    the doctors we’ve met at sloan kettering have been incredibly impressive human beings.

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