mind the gap

mindthegapthe spot in between tv and the internet. between form and substance. between communications and marketing. between present and future. between personal and communal. between the big picture and the individual pixels. where all the separate diciplines melt into a big vat of goo. that’s where i’m swimming.



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6 responses to “mind the gap

  1. oh sista, you are not alone there.

  2. superdave524

    I’ve been to London once, and loved the “mind the gap” announcement, and t-shirts commemorating the announcement at their subway. As to the rest? I remember a passage from Mark Twain’s “Life on the Mississippi” where he opined that the River used to be magical for him when he was a child. After years of navigating it, the breaks and eddys in the water were nothing more or less than signs to read to stear the boats. That loss of wonder cost him something. Life does that to all of us, but we’ve got to fight to re-find the wonder. At 20, we’re still too stupid to know that we won’t rule the world (or, if we did, we’d still have some yahoos causing us pain). Let’s be stupid again. K?

  3. Gem, I know I ‘m not alone. There are lots of us in this pool. Glad you’re here as well!

    SD, what a thoughtful reflection and cool snippet from Mark Twain. Thanks for sharing.

    Your partner is stupidity,


  4. Your partner IN stupidity, that is … (sorry!)

  5. superdave524

    I knew whatcha meant. I’m not THAT stupid!

  6. Linda K.

    don’t worry sweetie. you’re on the brink of great things!

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