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We learn as much from sorrow as from joy, as much from illness as from health, from handicap as from advantage – and indeed perhaps more.
–Pearl S. Buck


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currently accepting applications

llcoljfor the last 8 or so months… perhaps longer than that,  i’ve been preoccupied with the death of a close friend, my dad’s ongoing illness, work/economic worries, and other personal crises such as abruptly losing my home  and coming to terms with the painful end of a long-term relationship. a lot of heavy stuff in a really short period of time.

normal things that energize and challenge me… like routine exercise and dating … more or less fell to the wayside as i focused a large amount of my time on other matters like moving, helping out at home, and grieving.  all things considered i believe i’ve held it together pretty well. and now i am getting ready to crawl out of that dark cave i’ve been cocooning in. as part of that effort, i posted a profile online. it’s something i’ve done off and on over the years. never with a winning result, though i have gone on a lot of dates and met some nice people. mostly it’s good for shifting my mind into OPEN mode. like the white light on the top of the taxi saying, “yeah, i’m available.”

for YOUR consideration, here is what i posted in my profile … tell me what you think, please! Continue reading


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it’s raining HOT men on Broadway!


According to the New York Post, Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman will team up in a new play this fall on Broadway. Barbara Broccoli, who oversees the James Bond movie franchise, is producing “A Steady Rain.” She arrives in New York from Europe this weekend to scout out Broadway theaters, sources said.


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dear media: please stop using the word “co-ed”

p, j & i were reflecting on, what else, the jon and kate Plus 8 scandal, and started talking about the word “co-ed. ” allegedly jon hooked up with one. what the hell is a co-ed, really, we wondered? google of course gave us the low down. and wikipedia said:

Co-ed (or coed) is the shortened adjectival form of “coeducation”, and the word co-ed is sometimes also used, in the United States, as a noun to refer to a female student at a coeducational college or university. This usage reflects the historical process by which it was often female pupils who were admitted to schools originally reserved for boys, and thus it was them who were identified with its becoming “coeducational”.

folks, a female college student is just that: a college student. co-ed brings to mind betty childs from revenge of the nerds.  or those girls gone wild commercials.


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tuesday morning dance party!


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jersey wine

no, it’s not pbr. there are actually a bunch of wineries in the garden state. P, J & I checked out a blues & wine festival on sunday. we were reminded of our jersey roots. and we learned that despite what jermaine stewart might have thought, cherry wine ain’t all that tasty. it’s pretty gross in fact. but, we now have the distinction of having tried it.


rufus had a fun day too, frolicking back at P’s parents’ place. it was a perfect opportunity to relish the great wide open he misses (and hell, that i miss too) living all cramped up in a little nyc apartment.


 the rest of the weekend was spent mostly lazing, sleeping and recovering though i did spend a good chunk of today reading a book and writing a script. working, but it felt fun so i am not counting it. until it’s time to write the invoice, that is!

now is the time to rest … i have a busy summer ahead. work will be jammin’, plus i am training for the san fran half marathon (end of july). i have two trips out to SF … one in june (for work) and the other in july (for fun/run). and my college buds and i are getting together for a beach vaycay in june. then at the end of august its off to montreal for a dear pal’s nuptials. summer fun, make way for col!

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introducing col’s lean machine


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