today at the office

180px-JudahFriedlanderwe were furiously comparing notes, making sure we updated the script correctly.  one of my colleages said, “i may be being anal here but i think it should say “are going” instead of “went.”

typical writers’ room hash-outing.

i was reminded of a similar situation a few years ago when a finance guy apologized for being anal whilst double checking some numbers in my draft of the Board presentation.

“no, don’t apologize,” i reassured him. “i appreciate the anal.”

there was silence on the other end, and he quickly ended the call.

back in my insurance days i was around a more sober, restrained folk. i venture to say i’d get a different reaction if i said the same thing to the crowd i currently roll with.




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5 responses to “today at the office

  1. superdave524

    Funny stuff, Col.

  2. thanks sd. “i appreciate the anal” has become the theme of the week. all roads lead back to anal.

  3. John in IL

    Woo hoo!

  4. Linda K.

    i wonder who said it–the rube?

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