monday morning dance party!

As we all know, Ladies Love Cool James. I mean, really. What’s not to love? James is so Cool that he hasn’t let his record company heavies request the disablement of embedding of his iconic video in other people’s blogs and web sites. I love that.  And on a Monday that you may just need an extra little psyching up, what could possibly be better than L.L. Cool J’s “Mama Said Knock You Out” ? I love this record now almost as much as I did when it came out my junior year of high school. I recall feeling a little guilty for loving it as much as I did. After all, at the time L.L. didn’t seem as hard core/legit as his contemporaries: Public Enemy, Ice Cube, or Ice T (O.G., original gangster). But with Mama Said Knock You Out, L.L. managed to revive the hardcore image of his early days, and his reputation as a hip-hop icon. To this day, the song still inspires me to stand in front of the mirror lypsynching, and shadowboxing like a big ol dork. HUH!


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  1. superdave524

    I dig “Mamma said”, but this one’s my fav LLCJ:

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