UPFRONT 2009well guys, it was a hectic week but now i get a lil breather. yesterday was our upfront presentation at carnegie hall. LL Cool J performed, much to my glee. He came to rehearse Tuesday night and I shook his hand. he is absurdly sexy, and, true to his name,beloved by the ladies. jim, the stage director, was explaining the cues to LL and said, “when it’s your turn to head out on stage we’ll give you a little tap.” a female senior executive said, “jim, let me know if you need any help with that tapping.” so funny. i see stars quite a bit and tend not to get rattled but i totes got starstruck by LL. he performed “mama said knock you out,” putting his all into the performance. but the uptight crowd didn’t get off their seats to dance which was very oldster and white of them. all in all the show went really well. i am pleased and relieved. now it’s back to normal life …



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6 responses to “breather

  1. superdave524

    I think I found his shorts in my hamper…

  2. John in IL

    I know you don’t always think so, but you have the best job in the world (next to being Gerard Butler’s towel).

  3. Lost

    I am jealous. Now just imagine if he had performed, “Doin it”……LMAO! The uptight crowd might have fainted.

    He’s smokin’

  4. john, wow the gerard butler opportunity does sound appealing but i’ll stick with my current jobbie job. actually i really am lucky to have the gig i do. it’s a gazillion times better now that i get to work on the fun stuff (as opposed to just the financial stuff.)

    Lost, “doin it” really would have put them over the edge. and if he jumped off the stage and went into the crowd, i am more than certain there might have been a heart attack or three.

  5. superdave524

    (that was a line from “I’m the type of guy”. He’s basically saying he’s so totally dominant that after he, er, “has relations” with a dude’s girlfriend, he leaves his drawers in the dude’s hamper. Now that’s cold).

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