introducing col’s lean machine



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6 responses to “introducing col’s lean machine

  1. That is my life. Reserve the right to fail in private. OMG, we’re all like that?

    PS – Love, love, love the hair.

  2. John in IL

    You’re a brave woman putting it all out there. I wish you luck.

  3. hey laurs and john, thanks 4 looking. i am such a nerd for doing this but at the same time i suspect it will work. had i made it a text post instead of video, it would have been less “real” and easier to back out on. i also didn’t think about it too much in advance … just turned on the cam, hit record and posted the first take.

  4. superdave524

    What are the stars floating about? That’s kinda how I feel after running… August 13th, huh? My marathon isn’t until December, and I’m already way behind schedule.

  5. col

    dave, the stars reveal the 10 year old girl that i am and always will be. as for your training, how can you be “way behind”? 6 months is more than enough time to prepare. now step to it and join the lean machinery!

  6. Linda K.

    brava! what a wonderfully, brave thing to do. do the best you can. there’s no such thing as failure–only opportunities to improve.


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