jersey wine

no, it’s not pbr. there are actually a bunch of wineries in the garden state. P, J & I checked out a blues & wine festival on sunday. we were reminded of our jersey roots. and we learned that despite what jermaine stewart might have thought, cherry wine ain’t all that tasty. it’s pretty gross in fact. but, we now have the distinction of having tried it.


rufus had a fun day too, frolicking back at P’s parents’ place. it was a perfect opportunity to relish the great wide open he misses (and hell, that i miss too) living all cramped up in a little nyc apartment.


 the rest of the weekend was spent mostly lazing, sleeping and recovering though i did spend a good chunk of today reading a book and writing a script. working, but it felt fun so i am not counting it. until it’s time to write the invoice, that is!

now is the time to rest … i have a busy summer ahead. work will be jammin’, plus i am training for the san fran half marathon (end of july). i have two trips out to SF … one in june (for work) and the other in july (for fun/run). and my college buds and i are getting together for a beach vaycay in june. then at the end of august its off to montreal for a dear pal’s nuptials. summer fun, make way for col!


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  1. superdave524

    Got to love the “Automatically generated” potentially related posts. Good times with friends, cherry wine, dogs, and the Garden State just seem a natural segue (I can’t possibly have spelled that correctly. Let’s just go with, er, transition) to “Painful Movie Breakups That Make Us Squirm in Our Seats”.

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