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bethany beach 2009

bethany 2009

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monday morning dance party!

vacation is pretty much over. i need to drop off the keys back to the rental place, say goodbyes and make a quick jaunt back up to NYC. it’s been so the best and we’ve vowed to do it again next year. i am in excellent spirits, ready to rock and roll back home!

“Jaunt” by Poets of Rhythm

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file under japanese wackiness

we were sitting around on the balcony watching the ocean, looking at the stars, drinking beers, recalling pranks, and showing each other our favorite wacky youtube videos. beth and i  were looking for our personal favorite … “bizarre english lesson for japanese tourist” when we accidentally came across this doozie.

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so far, so good


me and my new boyfriend, charlie v.


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heading out tomorrow a.m. to meet my college buds for a long weekend in bethany beach, DE. last time we were together we were in arkansas for our friend’s funeral. it is so hard to believe 9 months have passed already. am looking forward to kicking back and not doing anything but laughing, relaxing and sharing stories with people who deeply know and love me. fun, fun i want more fun in my life. this, dear sirs, is a step in the right direction.


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monday afternoon dance party

cause i know you all get worried when i’m not dancing on a monday …


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i love my dad



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