nay to bing

smartiesi am not a fan of the ad campaign for microsoft’s new bing search engine. (tho i do love that they included the drama prarie dog).  it attempts to stir up people’s emotions about information overload, and then present itself as the exalted solution to all of society’s woes. it insults our intelligence. well, mine anyway. in the same way that I always found the notion of “objectivity” in journalism to be bullshit. consulting various information sources and weighing the information and viewpoints they present judiciously is what intelligent people do. we don’t just accept someone else’s notion of “reality” handed to us on a silver platter. when humans are involved, emotions are involved and there’s no such thing as “just the facts.” actually now avatars are getting in on the emotional action too. at E3 Microsoft came out with this wild thing called project natal … avatars that can sense your movement and emotions and respond to them in real time. pretty wild. any any case, i am not gonna jump on the bingwagon. I’ll keep googling and getting info from whatever wanders into my own little constructed universe, thankyouverymuch.



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3 responses to “nay to bing

  1. John in IL

    Er, you rock (or I love you man)

  2. superdave524

    That vacation must’ve left you rested and ready to rock. I turn around for five minutes, and you’re bursting with creativity!

  3. Brady

    I like the Bing commercials. Wanna know why? Because a kid from my office got a spot in one of them. He’s a bit of an actor, and gets parts now and then. I was watching the NBA Finals and, Boom!, there was Billy on TV.

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