desultory thoughts

Role modeling – I forgot what it was like to be a leader. We have interns this summer and I am their supervisor. They are smart and fun. So sharp, srsly. They are doing good work, and they are teaching me stuff too. I dig it.

Picks – We saw The Hangover and loved it. Funny. Adolescent humor. Men being jackasses together and the mayhem that ensues in the absence of a woman’s touch. I am way into True Blood. Someone was saying it’s like vampire porn. I wouldn’t simplify it to that. There’s definitely sexy fodder for the horndogs, but a fantastic story and characters are what drive the bus. Visually gorgeous, and an aura — the cool creepiness of a Louisiana town — that gets you. Allan Ball did it again!


Duds – I am in the middle of a clothing crisis. I have these all the time. Don’t have the dough, time or patience it takes to acquire a good wardrobe. I really wish I could get on one of those makeover shows where they clean out your whole closet and give you new things. A fresh start. Pimp my closet, yo. I need it!

Lean Machine – I punked out. The videos were getting mixed in with a youtube channel I set up for a client so I took them all down. Also they were soooo embarrassing. And a reminder of the fact that I have not kept on track. My social life picked up recently and I suspended the utilitarian focus. At some point a modicum of stability will return to my life and I will retrn to  a routine. And in the meantime I am starting a bootcamp class next week. 6 am to 7:30 am twice a week. Should be interesting!

And here’s Rufus in my pillows playing a little Rufe-a-boo.




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4 responses to “desultory thoughts

  1. superdave524

    Vampires, fitness, clothes and puppies? That’s desultory, all right.

  2. I always have a clothing crisis in the summertime. I can’t pull off anything that looks fashionable in the summertime. I’m a woman who benefits from dim light and a cooler climate. Sunshine? Warmth? Why am I wearing clothes in the first place? Why am I not at the beach?

  3. superdave524

    My heart-rate just went up…

  4. laurs, with u on the summer clothing crisis this year. i am not in my usual fit shape so clothes are complicated.

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