letterz from crazytown

Laurie’s in town. We’ve been writing for over 2 years and met for the first time yesterday. We spent all day strolling, talking, eating, drinking. We took Rufe to the dogpark and then strolled along the Hudson River Park. We fed him, played with Aretha and then headed out to the  high line park for more strolling and chatting. Twas very cool. Lots of people lollygagging and looking beautiful. It was romantic.

As we walked uptown in Chelsea I pointed out my first apartment on 21st street and 8th Ave. It was a 5 floor walkup I shared with a woman with a thick Queens accent I met on craigslist. My bed was in a loft, 2 feet from the ceiling. It got real hot up there. In the whole year I lived there, there was only one male visitor and, yes, he bonked his head and never returned.


We got drinks and eats at Trailer Park on 23rd because Laurs and I are so classy. Then we skedaddled. A random bum said to Laurie, “Hey you look familiar,” and we sort of ignored him, thereby inciting his rage. He then shouted, “Hey I didn’t say you were hot or anything!” (Yes, in New York even the vagrants are too cool.)

agorafabulous_NYC_smallWe arrived at Sara Benincasa’s show at The Pit. Sara is a multi-talented comic/performer who you may remember from her hilarious. YouTube Sarah Palin impersonation. The show, AGORAFABULOUS, is about Sara’s struggles with agoraphobia growing up and heading into early adulthood. It is hilarious, clever, creative, real, and totally moving. She mentions how some of her “Whole Foods bullshit” type pals tell her all she needs to do is go to Yoga to deal with her anxiety … that she shouldn’t take medication for her mental imbalances. I appreciated Sara’s response, as someone who does Yoga, but also carefully uses medication. It’s about health. If the chemicals in your brain are fucked up, it makes sense to fix them.

After the show we got drinks with Sara and some of her buds including a totes cool comedy chic named claudia cogan. Twas  fun. Good peeps. I told Sara I stalked her on the internet and she said that’s ok but we’re real friends now and I just need to deal.



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  1. superdave524

    Yeah, well, in Walterboro, SC, I… er. Okay, there’s really nothing to do here. At least I can read about the cool stuff you get to do.

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