Don’t worry

Peace-in-LoveI just want to tell everybody, I know you are worried. But I am more than ok. I am feeling incredible gratitude and peace. My dad has suffered for a long time with a crazy amalgamation of disease. He was not meant to grow old. I know that and he knows that. For the past week or so we have welcomed a constant flow of loving friends into our home to bid farewell. We have played my dad his favorite records. We have said every single thing we needed to day. No stones unturned. No regrets. We have  held his hand and told him everything. We have had time to plan. We have hugged. And hugged. And kissed. Today the only time I cried was when I saw one of his buddies saying goodbye. I imagine it’s got to be hard for folks in their 70’s… all their buddies passing on. Anyways, we are good. I am good. I want you to know that. I am not afraid. I give my Dad the permission to move on and I welcome this next phase of my life. I know I am blessed. Not everyone has this sweet loving setup. I thank my Dad and Mom for that. I will give this to a child or two some day. Hugs to you all. xoxoxo



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3 responses to “Don’t worry

  1. Hi Col,
    Please know I am sending hugs and well wishes and love and support and so many prayers your way.


  2. Beether

    hi -i was just checking on you and glad to read this post. I think you have such a wonderful outlook on all of this! Take care. Much love,
    p.s. Charlie said, “I want to see the Bad Girl and the Good Girl”. (The graphic at the top of your blog – ha!)

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