how i feel

TheLonesomePuppyat the wake and funeral it became clear to me that everyone in my family and their mother … and even father … reads this blog. so there are no secrets. fortunately i don’t post embarrassing sex-and-the-cityish exploits here (unfortunately i don’t really have any).

with the knowledge of a lot more familiar eyes here than i had previously been aware of, i hope that i don’t start editing myself even further. i kinda think i am at the age now where i just am what i am. if people don’t like it, don’t want me the way i am, well they can stick it. but who knows.

i stopped back in the city on wednesday for the first time in weeks. it was the day before the wake and i needed to have my roots done. remember, it is always better to look good than to feel good.

while in town i made a quick stop back at my apartment. aretha was throwing herself at me, so hungry for affection poor thing. thankfully phyll has been checking in on her regularly. the mailbox was jammed with birthday cards from a few weeks back. one was from my parents … the last one that will be signed “love mom and dad.” (my mom had mailed it before i had moved back home for the last few weeks). gulp.

there was also a big box on the counter, a package from my friend kate in portland. she always goes a bit overboard with the bday presents. i’m not gonna deny that i like it. my favorite item in the box was a children’s book by yoshitomo nara, on of my very favorite artists. fun and whimsical, cute, angry, sad, lonely and dreamy: that’s what most of his stuff is like. the book, called the lonesome puppy,  is lovely.

In his first book for children, renowned artist Yoshitomo Nara tells the charming story of a puppy so large that no one notices him—until a determined little girl climbs high enough to meet him and become his friend.

the story was touching and relatable, and also got me thinking  more of tattoo designs.  everyone knows about my one lonesome tattoo. it is small. it is on the underside of my left wrist. it is an infinity symbol. my aunt barbara said it looks like i have dirt on my hand. classic. at one point there was an extended discussion about how the parents just don’t “get it,” and bro bri showed off his massive Celtic cross and we all saw cousin Megan’s rosary bead tribute to Nana on her ankle. i believe there is more bodily awareness and a more tribal culture evolving in the post-Boomer generations and that’s why so many younger people are attracted to tattoos. anyways, here are a few nara designs that have me thinking.







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3 responses to “how i feel

  1. Brady

    I disagree on why there are more tattoos these days, I guess, but I’m all for you getting more. Try this guy — he was great:

    And this guy is also great, though his shop is in Atlanta now, which helps you not at all:

  2. I think you need the smoking girl tattoo. Also, this just in: don’t tattoo your boob until you’re over 34 and you understand exactly how they’re starting to sag. Even then, think twice.

  3. Lost

    Get the sleeping dog!! You know, that I love that guy. *sigh*

    I’m also with Laurie….the smoking girl from Nara’s work would also be excellent.

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